Knit Basics- Holding Yarn

You are learning to knit. Needles are dropped, yarn balls fall and unroll across the floor and you sigh in frustration. "Knit in public?" You may think.  "While having a beer or a coffee with friends? No way."  You need to concentrate. Needle through the loop, wrap the yarn, pull the loop through, drop the old loop off... Damn! Dropped three stitches off instead of one.  

Every time we learn a new skill our brain has some rewiring to do. Knitting is no exception. Just like learning how to play an instrument, you are programming your muscle memory. There are tricks to making this easier. 

It makes it a lot easier when you learn to hold your yarn. There are many different ways to do this.  I prefer to wrap it around my hands and through my fingers. Some People prefer to pinch the yarn and throw it every time.  If you pinch and throw, It's a good idea to keep your yarn draped over your hand and across your thumb so that it's easier to find when you need to grab it. Another way to hold your yarn is to wrap it around your pinky finger drawing the yarn across your palm and over the top of your pointer finger. You should experiment with different techniques and see what feels best for you. 



Alicia Stribling