Twin Birch Products- Beautiful Handcrafted Knitting Needles

When I started thinking about how to build the kits for each Knit Together, I realized that I wanted find a good balance between quality and price. I was particularly worried about finding the right needles because some of them are very difficult to use when first learning how to knit (in particular slippery needles make it easy to accidentally drop a stitch). So I started researching different needle producers to find good ones.

I had certain criteria I wanted to meet. I have been knitting for a long time. My go to needles are super fast, sharp tipped Addi Needles. However, because they are so slippery these needles are not ideal for a beginner. I learned on bamboo needles, but now I really dislike the slow stickiness of bamboo and how rough they can become over time.  I wanted to find knitting needles that I would enjoy knitting with and that would also be great for a beginner.  I wanted to provide quality knitting needles that would be a joy to knit with year after year, needles that would be a wonderful foundation set for the beginner or a lovely addition to the collection of the established knitter.

Enter Twin Birch Products.   They make beautifully handcrafted needles in Silver City, North Carolina. They have a simple vintage appeal with straight lines and perfectly shaped points. They are neither to sharp nor too dull, too slick nor too sticky.  They are





I am thrilled to be able to work with US manufacturers for many of the products in our Knit Together Kits.  I have been test knitting my patterns on these needles for months now and the needles have held up beautifully to daily knitting and the abuse of going everywhere with me. If you are curious about Twin Birch Products and would like to see the whole collection of what they offer you can find them at

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