I began knitting as a way to pass the time in coffee shops when I was a home schooled teenager. Entirely self taught, what started as a joke became a hobby and then a passion. Knitting is not only a lovely way to pass the time on rainy Seattle days, it is also a way to fidget in a productive way. Naturally energetic, knitting helps me to sit still. The saying "If I can't bring my yarn, I'm not going." is an ongoing joke at my house, as I'm always stuffing a project into my handbag as I run out the door. You wouldn't believe what I can fit in a tiny clutch or even my coat pocket. 

I teach knitting classes in social settings because I love to share my passion with others, and I love meeting new people. I have found that it is easier to talk to future friends while working on an activity together. Why not sign up? Come have a drink, meet new friends and make something.